#1 tip to get your prospects to say yes

accountancy client satisfaction sales meetings Aug 04, 2020

I'm gonna share with you one thing that will really boost your conversions from your sales meetings, from your prospect meetings to get your prospects to say yes to working with you.

So rewind a number of years ago now. The way I used to carry out my prospect meetings was that I would have the initial meeting and at the end of that meeting, I would say to the prospect that I'll follow up with a proposal which I would either send across by email with everything we were gonna do and the costs of working with us. I think the reason I used to do that and many accountants still do is because we simply weren't trained on how to hold sales meetings in our accountancy exams. We're not entirely comfortable with having those sales conversations and then I was fortunate enough to work with a sales trainer and the one piece of advice that he gave me was that you must have the price conversation in person with your prospect.

So rather than sending out the proposal afterward, your prospect wants to know the price and therefore have a system where you can actually have that conversation about price, with a prospect in person. So then what I started to do is to actually have a process where I could give my prospect a price and work with them to come up with a selection of services that they require at an investment that was right for them and that one thing alone, having that price conversation in person helped to really boost my conversions.

Now we're quite fortunate nowadays that we have software to assist us with having this price conversation and therefore there really is no excuse for us not to have that price conversation in person. What a price conversation in person helps us to do is to answer any objections that the prospect might have into working with us. It helps us to get across all the value that we can offer in person, in real-time, with the client. The danger of sending out a proposal by email or by post is that you end up being just a number on a page and that number on the page gets compared to somebody else's number on a page and chances are the cheapest one wins or the cheaper quote is used to bat you down from where you were.

So, guys, you must always have your price conversations in person or via a Zoom call with your prospect so you can be there to answer any objections they may have and get across all the phenomenal value that you are going to deliver to your prospect.