How to grow your accounting firm in 2021

accountancy content creation video content Mar 15, 2021

Have the last 10 months been as hard for you as everyone else in the accounting world?

furlough claims, loan applications, remote working not to mention the tax returns! 

Winning new business was probably not on your priority list 

You've worked crazy hours and been there for your clients because it was the right thing to do 

Amidst all of this though there is a silver lining 

More business owners are changing accountants than ever before 

And how they find their new accountant is where the silver lining is 

Business owners are now comfortable with zoom and having an accountant anywhere in the country 

All that matters is that YOU are best positioned to attract them and solve their problems.

98% of our enquiries have come from outside our local area and we've won over £150,000 of new work since March 

Watch the video below to know more about growing your firm in 2021.