This is something I NEVER thought I’d say

accountancy accountants accounting Dec 21, 2020

This is something I never thought that I’d say.

That right now, is an incredible time to be an accountant! 

Being an accounting firm owner in 2020 compared to 10-15 years ago is like chalk and cheese.

I know it's a bit crazy at the moment with all the furlough claims, loan applications and such like but looking at it big picture we're in a pretty good place.

The profession has undergone so much change from the dreary stereotype of an accountant in a grey suit and stuffy offices. 

OK there are still some old school accountants out there but there is a new wave of switched on, dynamic, tech savvy accountants changing lives - and having fun 

It’s exciting to do what we do, adding real value to our clients’ businesses and lives. Using the latest innovations in technology. 

And right now, I think there are 3 things happening that make the accounting profession one of the most exciting to be…

One of them is the amazing community of like minded, collaborative accountants helping and looking out for each other rather than seeing each other as competition 

The other two you can hear in the video below…