3 tips that will help you get started with video

accounting social media content video content Jun 29, 2020

So you know you need to do video, but you don't know where to start.

Let me share with you some tips that were helpful to me that will hopefully help you to get started with video.

Because now, more than ever, video is so important to get ourselves out there.

  • To increase your personal brand.
  • To increase your firm's profile.
  • To help you to get your message out there where we're unable to communicate face to face with prospects or clients during these times.

But I know there are these voices in our heads that tell us that we can't do video because we don't like the sound of our own voice or we don't like the way that we look.

But you know what? Ignore those voices, because you can absolutely do it. You know you need to do it, it's just about getting started. Because once you've started, then you'll be on a roll.

I had the same journey going back to May of last year. I hadn't done a single video because I had the same voices going through my head. But once I started, once. I did one, two, three, and then I've never looked back. I think that in that last 11 months, I've done near enough about a hundred videos since and you can too.

So here are my three top tips:

1. Don't worry about the equipment

You can record videos from your smartphone. What I would recommend is that you buy a tripod. They're not expensive. They're about 11, 12 pounds on Amazon. You can mount your smartphone onto the tripod so you are at eye level with the camera. That will help you to position the camera in a place where it's comfortable for you to record the video. You don't have to feel uncomfortable holding in a certain angle or in a certain way. So get the tripod.

2. Create an environment that's conducive to your recording video

So pick a setting in your home or your home office where you've got a nice backdrop. You've got enough light coming in. Put your tripod out there, get everything set up for you to be able to easily record videos. Because what's easy for us will help us to do more of it. If we have to get our tripods out, out of the drawer, set it up, plug it in. That's unnecessary friction we don't need when we're trying to do something which doesn't really want to do. So it's one of the laws of developing good habits. Make it easy.

3. Just do it!

You know you need to do it. It's gonna have a massive impact on your personal growth and on your personal brand and your profile. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Well, a video speaks a hell of a lot more than that. So just get on and let's get those videos done. 

I hope that was useful and it motivates you to take action and record your first videos if you haven't done already.