Clients are not price sensitive

pricing pricing strategy value based pricing May 17, 2021

That's too expensive


You: my clients are so price sensitive 

No they're not!

Most people in society are not price sensitive 

They are VALUE sensitive

If your clients:

  1. buy their coffee from Starbucks
  2. have an iPhone
  3. drive a premium brand car

They CANNOT be price sensitive 

Different people value things differently 

So if someone says you are too expensive, they haven't yet seen the value or there isn't enough value in it for them for the price being asked 

Get better at communicating the value you offer and you'll be able to convert more clients at higher prices 

Start by talking about the problems you solve and the goals you help realise rather than the services you offer 

Watch the video below to find out more on how you can communicate your value and charge more