Do you have a love / hate relationship with your email inbox?

how to get more productivity productivitytips Nov 07, 2022

Do you have a love / hate relationship with your email inbox ?

You loathe the amount of email you get and have to respond to BUT…

You [secretly] love it when you see that notification that tells you have email to read. That’s no surprise.. It gives us that dopamine hit that someone needs us, makes us feel good. But remember your email inbox is a place for other people’s agendas

It’s the worst type of distraction there is because it makes you feel like you’re doing ‘work’ but actually email is the lowest form of ‘work’. It’s the non-urgent stuff that’s easy for you to do. It takes you away from the ‘important, non-urgent’ stuff that you should be doing

No-one will die if they don’t get a response immediately from you. Prioritise the important stuff in your day first. If you don’t know what that is - it’s the stuff that feels ‘hard’. Put that in your diary first and get it done before you open your inbox

Easier said than done I know because our brains will do anything do avoid discomfort. Doing the hard things is uncomfortable - but that’s when we make the biggest progress. 

For me, the hard stuff is writing my book But here I am typing out a blog doing the easy stuff. If we do the hard things then life becomes easy. If we only do the easy things then life will become harder

I use an app called Boomerang to pause my emails and only deliver them 3x a day. I also have Sanebox which filters out all the newsletters etc

Watch the video below to find out more about how to prioritise your work and make your life easier