Getting results in three months. How I save 2.5 days of work each month

pricing wins success stories Oct 10, 2022

“It’s the personal touch that I really value…” 

Words of Michele Bishop, an exceptional #accountant based in the city of Wells. Since being on the Mastermind programme, Michele has:

  • Reduced time spent doing billing from 3 days to half a day week
  • Carved out a specialism and written an e-book for Tractor Dealers
  • Moved clients to monthly direct debit arrangements and getting them to pay within the financial year
  • Massively reduced debtors
  • Got rid of timesheets! 

Michele is someone who doesn’t just take notes - she takes action. And of course, when you take action you get results.

If you’re struggling to make progress and get the results that you want you just need two things:

  1. A plan - with priorities on what you need to work on to get the quickest results
  2. Accountability - someone to hold you accountable to taking the action and getting results

Guess where you can get that. Head on over here to find out more 🤜

Watch the video below to find out more about how she has achieved so much success in such a short span of time.