Group wins - working with other accountants

pricing wins repricing exisiting clients transforming profits Nov 08, 2021

There's no way I'd talk to another accountant - what if they steal my clients?! I don't want to share my secrets with the 'competition'...

How things have changed

Only a few years back, you'd never hear of accountants talking so freely to other accountants. But accountants are sharing and caring more than ever. They're a really helpful bunch. There's nearly 1000 accountants in my free Facebook group now where accountants regularly ask for help, support and share ideas and challenges with each other. Also handy for having a rant about clients from time to time. Who'd have thought that would be the case a few years ago... It's such a warm community to be a part of. Where we can all relate with one another and help along the journey. I'm fortunate to work with such lovely people. It's about collaboration rather than competition. Plenty of clients in the sea for all of us.

And the TYP Mentoring and Mastermind communities are even more personal. Where small groups of accountants meet regularly to tackle personal challenges and share best practices. Where no question is off limit and no judgments are made.

Watch the video below to see how working together has made things so much easier and has helped members transform their accounting practices