How can you actually pivot in your accounting firm?

accountant accounting firm pivot Jul 09, 2020

So we'll have heard of the current buzzword at the moment which is pivoting. It's that cool word that's going around during this time as to how we can pivot our business to compensate for the loss of income from our traditional channels.

So how, for example, a restaurant business can pivot because they don't have any more customers coming through the door, so they can pivot and start doing takeaways and deliveries instead.

As an accountancy firm owner, how can you pivot your business, to still have an income stream and continue trading during these times? Well, thankfully, we are still required by our clients to continue to support them to help them navigate through government support, to help them with a loan application, the furlough processes, and so on. But inevitably, there will be casualties. We will suffer a loss of income due to certain businesses just not being able to
survive during this lockdown.

So what can we do to continue to remain relevant? Well, one of the things we can do to ensure that we still have a pipeline of new business ahead, is to focus on our marketing efforts. We need to get out there. If you don't already have a social online presence you definitely need one now. That thing that you've been putting off for so long, it needs to be front of mind now, and focus your efforts and your energies in getting known, in getting in front of your ideal clients, in front of your target audience, by doing more on social media.

By creating valuable content for your target audience. By creating eBooks, checklists, white papers, guides, anything that you can do to give value to your target audience that will attract your ideal clients towards you. Because certainly for the medium term, the world and business are going to be taking place online.

So if you're not online, if you don't have a presence. If people don't know you, then they're unable to like you or trust you in order to do business with you. So use this time wisely to get known. To get known amongst your target audience. Because that will help you to build your pipeline, and help you to continue to sustain and grow your accounting firm in the long run. I'd love to hear if you're on this journey, how it's going for you.