How Dipak went from £0 - £8,000 a month in just 6m

pricing wins success stories win clients May 04, 2022

”You’ll make your money back - and some” 

Words from an incredible accountant called Dipak dhamecha

Dipak faced the typical challenges that many sole practitioners do:

  • Overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done and the pace of chance 
  • Where to start and what to prioritise with the million and one things that need doing
  • How to go about repricing clients that haven’t been repriced in years 

But rather than struggle to try and figure things out on his own and potentially waste time and money, he reached out for help

Help from someone who’s been in his shoes and overcome those same challenges

Help from a like minded group of accountants that can support and inspire him on the journey

And the results have been amazing 

  • £0 - £8,000 a month in direct debits in just 6m
  • Won biggest ever fee of over £15,000 a year
  • Renewed confidence and belief in self

That’s what can happen when you invest in yourself

You literally transform your results, your mindset and ultimately your life 

Have a listen to him talk about his challenges, how he overcame them and the results in the video below