How I've increased my fees from £269 to £2,000 per month!

pricing pricing strategy pricing wins Jan 10, 2022

Do you struggle to increase your fees? Do you feel that you can't possibly charge double or triple what you do now?

Well, think again 

Because if Bev can, you can!

The first step of getting paid more for what you do is belief. You need to BELIEVE that you are worth more. The belief will come from the feelings you have about yourself. And the feelings you have come from the thoughts 💭 in your head. If you start THINKING that you are worth it, you will FEEL you're worth it which will lead to you BELIEVING you are worth it. When you believe, you will take ACTION. When you take action, you will get RESULTS. Just like Bev did and increased fees £269 to £2,000 a month! 


12 months ago Bev only had one maximum price for her services. She was massively under-valuing herself. But she's gone on a journey since then and discovered her true value. And what an amazing journey its been. She's more than trebled her average fees. She's won awards including Yorkshire's Best Accountant. She's been an inspiration to many other #accountants in our community. I'm proud to have seen Bev's growth over the last year.

And if you'd like to hear about her journey in more detail, watch the video below