How to deal with clients who keep calling

customer service pricing pricing strategy Dec 05, 2022

Aaargh!! Not another question - please leave me alone. Do you feel like that some days where the phone never stops and the emails keep on coming? You start to begrudge clients for asking your advice and coming to you with their problems. You have so much work to do that you don’t know how you’ll get back to them all.

Soon enough clients start to get grumpy because of delayed responses and end up leaving. This is a symptom of poor pricing. You’ve probably priced based upon your time costs of getting the clients accounts and tax return done. You hadn’t factored in all these additional queries and requests that would come in during the year

Thing is, that’s the most valuable aspect of your service

The ACCESS to you when the client needs you is VALUE

That’s why every Ltd company client should be on a monthly retainer arrangement and that fee should be high enough to give you the headroom to offer unlimited email and telephone advice to clients because that’s what your clients really want and if you say you’re a trusted advisor then that’s what you sign up for. 

You can’t be a trusted advisor if you put off clients from calling you because you send them an invoice every time they do. Instead give away the advice and charge for implementation when something needs doing off the back of your advice 

Watch the video below to find out more