Do you want to run webinars? Here’s why you should...

acoounting marketing webinars Jul 16, 2020

I did a webinar recently for my accountant audience on how to set up, promote, and deliver a webinar to your clients.

In the introduction, I talked about how important it is to do webinars, particularly in this climate where we can't do face-to-face meetings.

Webinars are a really powerful way to get in front of your audience; that audience being your existing clients but also your prospects. You see, not only are webinars a great way of disseminating information and guidance on a one-to-many scale, but they're also really good for marketing yourself, for showcasing your credibility, for showing your expertise, for showing that you're dynamic and you add value, and you go to great lengths to help your clients, which in turn is great marketing for you and your personal brand and for your firm.

You see, often accountants say that they don't have enough content to share when it comes to marketing. Well, what better way to share content than to share it via a webinar? 

Also, the content that you get in order to be able to promote it on social media, it gives you a reason to go on social media, to promote the event that you're having. You know if you speak to professional speakers who go on stage and talk to them about the impact that being on a stage, about crossing that barrier from audience to stage has on their personal profile, they will tell you that it is immense.

Well, webinars have the same potential. You have the ability to reach a large audience from your own home or your own office. So if you're not already doing webinars, then you need to get onto them now and see the difference that it makes in raising your personal brand and your firm's profile.