How to shape your future one habit at a time

atomic habits cognitive science human science Oct 12, 2020

I consume a lot of these business books self-development type, TED talks, YouTube videos and books, and a common theme is around the habits of highly successful people.

One of my favorite books of all time is the book by James Clear, "Atomic Habits." If you haven't already read it, I really recommend you do so. But ultimately, we all want to be more successful, and the thing is we can't decide our own future, but what we can decide on is our habits. We decide on our habits which then decides our future. And we have the ability to build really good habits and to break bad habits. And that book by James Clear takes you through the anatomy of a habit and how you can form good ones and break bad ones.

My top three habits that I have tried to keep over the years are: to live life by your calendar and not your inbox, and it's something that I've done videos on in the past. So not to spend my time busily in my inbox dealing with other people's priorities to actually plan my week based on the things that I want to get done which are gonna move the needle forward in my business.

Secondly is to maintain a balance or work balance, a healthy balance, healthy mind balance. So making sure I spend time in the day on myself, on working out, on eating well so that I'm in the right head space to be the most focused and at my best. Because let's face it, our bodies and our minds are interlinked. We cannot expect our minds to be at full optimum laser-focused output if our bodies are lagging behind and we don't fuel it with the right things, we don't give it enough exercise, we don't fill it with the right ingredients. 

Lastly, is to be surrounded by people who can do stuff better than you and to delegate more. I'm so fortunate I have an incredible team of people around me that do things that I don't do very well. And together we can make a much bigger contribution and allowing people to be autonomous in what they're doing and to take them on the journey with you will help you no end.