People who join you on price will leave you on price

niche pricing pricing strategy Oct 17, 2022

People who join you on price, will also leave you on price 

When I first started out and was hungry to grow I tried everything to get clients, I hired a telemarketing agency to get me appointments. They would do the cold calling and get me appointments with business owners in the area. I’d turn up, have a great meeting and when asked about the price said i’d get back to them with a proposal. 

I’d go back to the office, craft my lovely proposal or long email explaining what we’d do and price the prospect at just shy of what they were paying their current accountant. Of course, I got this information from the last page of the accounts with the detailed P&L that I would get either in advance or during the meeting. 

Unsurprisingly I got the business

And was ecstatic as I was winning lots of work. Problem is, the same clients left us a couple of years later. Because another accountant who hired a telemarketing agency came along and undercut us

People who join you on price, will also leave you price

Instead focus on what makes you different. Focus on increasing your perceived #value by specialising and lasering in to a specific group of people. Because when you’re the specialist, you can charge more. And people don’t leave a specialist for a generalist

Watch the video below to find out more about this strategy