Quick tip to cut time spent in your Zoom team meetings!

#productivity time management zoom Feb 01, 2021

Sick of team meetings on zoom dragging on and on? 

Try this...

It’s how we keep our weekly meetings to just 40 mins max 

Having been fully remote since March a once a week virtual meet has been helpful

But it’s also important not to have meetings just for the sake of them

It’s not the only time to talk to each other 

There’s always Slack for collaboration

I’m sure you can relate if you’re in a team! 

After a bit of initial chit chat we go round the room and ask the 3 questions I mention in the video to each team member

As everyone is responsible for their own workloads and we have workflow systems for jobs it’s more high level than detail 

And checking in to see each other’s lovely faces 

I also like to encourage knowledge sharing and sharing what proactive steps were taken in the week gone

And of course, agreeing on some actions for accountability 

Watch the video below to find how you can cut down time spent on Zoom meetings