Stop waiting, take action!

#people jeff haden motivation Oct 26, 2020

So do you find that you lack the motivation to start doing what you want to do?

You're waiting for that inspiration and that spark to get you to doing the things that you know will take you towards your goals and dreams. Well, actually, let me debunk a myth here. The myth that that motivation, that spark you're waiting for, isn't going to happen. It doesn't exist. Motivation is a myth.

I am not the one saying this, this is something that was explored in the book "The Motivation Myth" by Jeff Haden. If you haven't already read it, I recommend you read it. In this book, Jeff says that motivation is not this inner spark, this burst of wisdom from the universe that we get to do the things we want to do. Rather, the way motivation works is that you take action first. Once you take action, you start to get some results, you start to get some success. That in itself then motivates you to do more of that action to get even more success and even more results. Therefore, that then turns into a virtuous cycle that enables you to keep going to have the motivation, to keep going to get more of the results that you are getting by following the process.

So if you're looking to achieve something, if you're working towards a dream or a goal, don't wait for the inner spark and the ignition or the motivation. It isn't gonna happen. Put together a plan, focus on the process, find out what you need to do day in, day out to hit your target or your goal and your objective. And then focus on that process because the more you focus on that process, the results that you get from it will give you more motivation to do even more of it, and then before you know it, you'll be hitting your goals and dreams without any outer motivation to help you. 

Watch the video below to know more about how motivation works.