The Problem With Hourly Billing

profitability value based pricing Jan 09, 2023

Don’t be like the lawyers

Sorry lawyers! 

But clients really hate being billed by the hour. It gives them no certainty in what they’re going to get and puts them off calling you or emailing you if they’re going to get a bill every time they do/ 

Are you really the trusted advisor you say you are if your client is hesitant in calling you for fear of getting an invoice to pay afterwards ?

It’s a crazy way to price, for you and your client. 

Nobody cares how long it takes you to do something they only care about the end result. So not only is hourly billing something your clients hate but it also belittles the value you provide. Not to mention the burn out culture it promotes to clock as many hours as possible. 

Before a client works with you perceived value comes from the following

  • How you position yourself to solve your clients problem
  • How well you portray your understanding of the client’s business and having worked with others like them
  • The value you give out in advance to show your credibility
  • The experience a client has in their first call with you or visit to your office
  • Themes from:
  • look and feel of your online presence

After a client comes on board with you actual value comes from:

  • Managing expectations and doing what you said you would
  • Access to you and your teams expertise when needed
  • Prompt responses to phone calls and emais
  • Speedy turnaround times
  • Being proactive and going over and beyond
  • Creating a wow experience

Watch the video below to find out more