This Subscription pricing model would skyrocket your value

pricing subscription pricing value based pricing Feb 28, 2022

How many subscriptions would you say you’re on right now? Quite a few I’d imagine. And I believe it can only keep on increasing from there. Wonder why that is?

It’s because it’s just the way of the world these days. We’re subscribing to everything from the content we consume to the coffee we drink to the razors we use to the socks we wear. Seems everything can be bought on subscription these days... And that is how the world is moving. Besides that, it’s a more favourable strategy for businesses. Do you know subscription based businesses command higher valuations?


They have monthly recurring revenue! And they’re not reliant on having to sell products over and over to new customers. They provide convenience, consistency, and great value for the customer… So this makes them even more valuable because they have sticky customers. But do you know the interesting part?

When it comes to having recurring revenue from the same customers... We accountants are the original subscription based business! Because of the nature of the services we offer, we have clients coming to us year after year. But sadly, most accountants don’t know how to use this pricing model to their advantage. And a lot are still billing annually treating the service as a transaction. This is just plain wrong.

That’s why I address this matter in today’s video. When you watch it, you’ll understand why you shouldn’t treat the service you offer as a transaction. And, what you should do instead to reap from the massive value this pricing model offers.

We’re not selling a transaction, We’re selling a relationship... Therefore, price the relationship of having you in their corner as the trusted advisor instead. And give them access to your expertise, peace of mind and solutions to problems when they need them.

Watch the video below to find out more