Do your team members really trust you?

#employeemotivation email management workplace culture Nov 16, 2020

Are you struggling with creating the right culture in your firm, creating that high performance culture, where everyone is inspired to come to work, they love what they do, they're attached to a higher purpose?

Well then you might want to consider how much do you genuinely trust your team members? Now, often as leaders, we forget the impact and the power of trust and the creation of trust within our businesses.

Trust is something that is developed from our behavior, how we deal with and interact with our team members, builds a culture of trust or mistrust. Some things we can do to build that culture of trust between us and our team members and between team members, is to genuinely show compassion, is to show qualities like empathy and kindness and genuine sincerity and care towards our employees.

Trust is something that develops over time. It doesn't take seven days and it doesn't take seven years. It's somewhere in between. It's a bit like when, if you use the analogy of working out, if you go to the gym for nine hours a day, you look in the mirror, you'll see no difference. If you do that again the next day, and you look in the mirror, you probably still won't see any difference. But if you trained for half an hour every day for six months, for 12 months, and then you looked in the mirror, you'll certainly see some results. And trust works in the same way.

To find out how you can create a culture of trust and belonging, watch the video below where I share some ways that have worked in my accounting practice.