I paid £1.80 for two slices of toast

pricing value value based pricing Oct 18, 2022

I paid £1.80 for two slices of toast 

You can get two WHOLE loaves for that amount?! So why did I (and I wasn't alone) spend so much more on something that I could have made at home for a fraction of the price? Because I saw 'value' AND Because it was 'offered' so I got to make a 'choice' to buy

For me value was:

  • Being able to have something quick to eat with my coffee post workout (not ideal nourishment i know - but good material for a LinkedIn post! )
  • Not having to wash up
  • Being waited upon so I don't waste time
  • The smell of the toast that others' were having that I couldn't resist 


Thing is, we make decisions emotionally then justify rationally but bottom line is, we each value things differently. You might think i'm mad for spending that much on two slices of bread or you might think what's wrong with that. 

Different people value things differently

So when you're pricing your services remember this:

  • if you don't offer it, people can't buy it
  • Give people a choice to pay more for more value and those that value it will buy it
  • Everything can be differentiated - if a cafe can charge £1,80 for two slices of bread, you can charge a lot more for your #accountancy services 

Not everyone will find value in what you do - and that's fine. Some people will say you're expensive - and that's fine (in fact you want that to be the case). There will always be a market for those that value service and experience over price

The ONLY decision going on in your prospects mind before they buy from you is : "is the price I am paying LESS than the value i'm getting". If it is I buy, if not I don't. Simple.