Working at Walji & Co

#employeemotivation employees work culture Jul 25, 2022

I used to be a really bad boss. frowned when people came in late, made my team do timesheets, was quick to criticise, but slow to praise, I didn’t set clear expectations and then got frustrated when things weren’t done the way I expected them to, I didn’t articulate our vision, We had no core values, people were monitored on billing and utilisation which caused silo working but that I was all I knew because that’s how I was managed in the Big 4, It was no surprise we had high staff turnover

Something had to be done

I went on a journey to learn how it should be done from people who’d dedicated their life’s work in this area. I came across the works of Simon Sinek, Dan pink, Patrick lencioni l, Jody Thompson and the team at 15Five amongst others. 

And learned how it should be done. I realised what actually drives employee motivation And started to make changes. I realised it all started with me and how I led - rather than managed.. I was responsible for setting the tone which would define our culture. I was responsible for giving my team the systems they needed to do their best work. I was responsible for creating a safety net that allowed people to make mistakes and use it as a learning opportunity. I was responsible for creating an environment which allowed my team to work in their zones of genius and flourish to do their best work. When things went wrong that was my fault. When things go right it was credit to my team

Now I’m so fortunate to have an amazing team that run the practice virtually without me. Thank you to my awesome team. Nothing changes until we as leaders change

Watch the video below to find out what my team has to say now