You are NOT the Trusted Advisor if you do this 👇

customer service positioning trusted advisor Jan 31, 2022

So you say you are your clients 'TRUSTED ADVISOR'? Then why are you charging clients for picking up the phone to you??

A true trusted advisor would ALWAYS be there for their clients...To hear them out in their time of need, to help them solve their problems and overcome their challenges...without fear of the meter running in the background 

But some accountants charge for phone calls and emails because they believe they are selling 'time'

You are not selling widgets. Clients don't buy time from you. They buy solutions to problems and access to expertise to help them achieve their goals. Stop trying to make a 'profit' on every transaction by recording time. Because you won't

And because that is not how you measure profit, because it gives no regard to the biggest advantage you have over other service providers...That of LIFETIME VALUE

We are fortunate that clients can stay with us for years, we've had clients stay with us for over 40 years and now dealing with second and third generation family members. How fortunate is our profession to have such amazing loyalty from clients...

So think about that and build access to you within your pricing so you don't have to charge for every phone call and email because that is what will make you the TRUSTED ADVISOR

Watch the video below to find out more