You need to be thinking long-term about this...

content creation content marketing video content Nov 09, 2020

I had an inquiry from someone the other day, who I last saw five years ago. This gentleman came to a seminar I did, when we could do things in person, five years ago that we held at the local Holiday Inn about tech strategies and whatnot. And when the inquiry came through, I thought the name sounded familiar, but I couldn't, for the life of me, remember where I had heard or seen this gentleman before.

And then know when I got on the call with him, he told me that, "Yes, I came to your seminar at the Holiday Inn "and I really liked what you were talking about. "And I said to myself if I'm ever to change accountants, "then I'll be coming to this firm." And that was so heartwarming to receive that we got this inquiry, this potential client after so many years.


But it goes to show that marketing, content marketing in particular, is a long game. You're not gonna get results overnight. And as the marketeers will tell you, only 3% of people are ready to buy from you right now. There's another 20 odd percent that will buy from you in two years and about 30% that will buy from you between two and five years' time, and the rest will never buy from you at all, but have the potential of being your advocates, about being your raving fans and recommending you, even though they can never buy from you themselves.

So if you are on LinkedIn and you are starting your content marketing journey and putting out valuable and useful content, then don't give up, because remember, it's the long game. And if you keep showing up and if you keep being consistent and being there, getting known, raising awareness about you, adding value, giving, giving, giving, then that you will get results in the long term.