3 reasons why you should NEVER give a discount (and 2 occasions when you can 😊)

client satisfaction discount sales Apr 04, 2022

You're at the end of your meeting with the prospect and you've given them the price You wait for them to speak They finally do and say:

"Is there anything you can do for us on the price?"

You really want the business, you don't want to lose them, so you end up giving a reduction...


You should NEVER give a discount just because the prospect asks for one. I give 3 reasons why not to do so in the video below (the third one is a real eye opener and will make or break your future relationship!)

If you absolutely must give a discount then only do so if the prospect does something for you in return that way your trading something in return for something else. There's two examples you can use in the video below. Try them out next time you have a prospect meeting