Where do you start when it comes to creating content?

accounting marketing social media Jul 20, 2020

So where should you start with your content?

What do you write about?

It's a common question I get asked from the accountants that I mentor and coach. Well, a great starting point is the book written by Marcus Sheridan called "They Ask, You Answer", and the basic summary or premise of the book is that your content should be geared towards answering your prospects' questions. Your prospects have questions in their head. They have challenges and frustrations, and pain points that they're going through, and they're looking for answers to their problems.

So a great place to start is by answering your prospects' questions so that then when they come across your content in the form of blog posts, or social posts, or a copy on your website, they can see that you understand them, that you understand what they're going through. You appreciate their frustrations, and you're answering their questions there which makes them want to find out more about you, to see what you can offer them because you are talking their language.

Now one systematic way of doing this is to have a way of cataloging the questions that you get asked by your clients because chances are, if your clients are asking you these questions and you see the same question come up over and over again, then your prospects are likely to have the same questions, and therefore you can have a content creation strategy around answering the questions that your clients have put to you and put that out in the public domain for your ideal clients to consume, to take value from, and see you as a credible authority in your field and want to do business with you.

So for example, you may get questions from clients about how to structure themselves most tax efficiently. What is the best way to run a company car? What expenses can I claim against my tax bill? What is the benefit of having realtime management information? What KPIs can I track? All these things that you are helping your clients with are things that can add real value to your prospects as well.

So, guys, that's a great place to start. Answer the questions of your prospects, the questions in their head, and that will give you lots of content ideas to start putting content out there for your prospects.