Every Accountant’s Biggest Challenge Is…

new business niche positioning Feb 18, 2022

If I was looking for the slowest way to grow my accounting firm, do you know what I’d do? I’d say in my messaging that I work with “small and medium-sized companies”

Yup, absolutely gonna take me a couple more decades to grow that way but seriously now, what am I driving at? You see, the biggest challenge I see most accountants face comes from either their…

Pricing or Positioning.

And when it comes to Positioning, a good number of them are afraid to specialize they think they’re going to lose a lot of other potential clients that way. What they don’t know is…

When you try to appeal to everyone you will end up appealing to no-one. Not every SME is your potential client and you’re doing a disservice to yourself by saying they could be.

“But, Reza being a Generalist has been working just fine for me?”… you may say.

But has it really though? We’re talking about growing your business here, about expanding your reach to meet more people and, attract more profit to you. If you’re okay with being where you are then… fine! By all means do carry on.

But if what you’re looking for is a way to win more business… to drive more of your ideal clients to YOUR doorsteps. Then you need to have a very a specific message for a very specific audience. Because it’s a very noisy world out there. We’re constantly bombarded with thousands of messages to capture our attention every day. Think of the billboards you pass, the ads you see as you’re scrolling social media, the banner ads that pop up when you’re browsing online, the radio ads that come on when you’re in the car. Thing is, you don’t notice the majority of them or even realise they’re there.


Because your brain is auto-filtering them for you. Your brain’s filter is sifting out anything that isn’t going to help you survive or thrive. That’s why being a generalist just like every other accountant doesn’t cut it anymore.

You have to differentiate yourself. When you differentiate yourself you can then understand who it is you serve and the problems you help solve.

Want to find out more on why it’s really important to specialize and what I recommend??

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