How to create content fast!

accounting marketing social media Jul 06, 2020

I'm gonna share with you how to create content, and how to create content fast.

I'm gonna give you one technique that will help you to create masses of content that will keep you going for months on end.

So, that technique is called batching, and what batching simply means is that you batch your content in terms of creating content into focused slots of half a day or one day. So you get, say, all the videos you want to do done in one go. You get all the blog posts you want to write done in one go. You get all the podcasts you wanna put outdone in one go. I think you get the idea.

The reason that helps is that it allows you focused time to plan and create your content in one go that will then give you content to deliver on a regular basis going forward. The problem that happens when we try and deliver content in the intervals that we want to, so we say to ourselves that we're going to do a daily blog post or a daily social post, or we're going to do a video a week, and the problem is that life takes over.

It's always these non-essential but important tasks that get put to the side when life gets busy, and we end up therefor a missing a day, missing two days, missing a week, and our content strategy goes down the pan. So, by using batching you can effectively get all your content done in one go which will then give you the breathing space for another two, three, four months to do other things and give you a bank of content to get out there to the target audience that you can use to showcase your credibility and your authority in your relevant area.