I think i've just randomly won a new client for over Β£12,000 from Starbucks today πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈπŸ‘‡

niche positioning specialist Sep 13, 2022

I think i've just randomly won a new client for over £12,000 from Starbucks today!

Working out of Starbucks at the Village Hotels in Eastleigh today whilst my car's gone in for the 1000 mile running in service and might have got an ideal client with a fee of over £12,000!

As I sat down with my Cortado. I noticed that the chap next to me was also using my favourite software - Notion. I turned to him and started off the conversation with 'Notion's great isn't it... ' Led to us talking and turns out he's a YouTuber with 3.5m subscribers - the IDEAL client for our Capture Accounting brand.Turns out he'd heard of our brand (even though it's only just over a year old) from the social ads we ran a while back

Like most content creators who grow fast he's with a generalist accountant who doesn't really understand his business: his words. hint: clients want to work with a specialist) He'd actually spoken to a specialist recently (our main competitor, won't name them) recently and was considering moving to them but one of his friends had a bad experience

Talk about right place, right time

We had a good chat about podcasts we listen to, benefits of outsourcing non core activities, how I use Notion (he was impressed with my content creation board ☺️), exchanged numbers and having seen how he was in the market for new accountant I offered to go through a proposal with him which he said was awesome. 

Given that I use GoProposal I was able to bring up the software on my laptop and take him through the pricing for the service he needed. He now has the proposal in his inbox and going to confirm some numbers with his accountant before coming back to me

Moral of the story:

Anyone can be a potential client. Everyone is happy to talk but not everyone is brave enough to start a conversation. Fortune favours the brave

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