Stop relying on referrals

content creation content marketing referrals Mar 29, 2021

You have to STOP relying on just referrals

And heres why 

❌It’s not a strategy, which means it’s not something you can plan and forecast around

❌It leaves you with little control and ownership around where you next customer will come from

And look, I get it, referrals are great! And they should be part of the business strategy

(in fact, if you're not getting a significant chunk of new business via referral, then something else needs addressing)

But the key word there was PART....not the whole strategy!

So what can you also do to ensure you are in control of winning new clients?

✅Build your brand on places like linkedin

✅Post value-driven content consistently and engage with your target audience and you will generate leads

✅ Cultivate relationships online that can turn into strategic partnerships

The opportunity to win new business is greater than ever before 

But if you're not KNOWN by your audience then how can they buy from you 

Only 1% of people on social media create content 

Be the 1% 

Watch the video below to know more about building your brand