Stop running around like a blue-arsed fly!

client satisfaction positioning sales Mar 07, 2022

Ever feel like that? Like you’re constantly chasing your tail.. Drowning in client work and fire fighting. Not making the in-roads that you want to grow your practice. Well you’re not alone.

Tom is a small sole practitioner from Dublin with 2-3 employees and he was in exactly the same position 6m ago But he’s since decided to change things. He decided to commit to the best investment he could make to invest in his own learning and development. He joined the Mastermind coaching programme and started to implement what he was learning

He didn’t just absorb and take notes - he actually took ACTION.  And that’s what got him results like winning a client (mainly compliance work) for €38,000! And doubling his monthly revenue. And winning one off projects for fees of over €30,000 when he previously would have charged a fraction of this under time based billing


]Tom always had the potential to do this. He just needed the belief And when you believe you can, you will. Just like Henry Ford said:

“If you believe you can or believe you can’t, either way you’re right”

Have a listen for yourself and take some inspiration from Tom