WARNING! Risk of drowning!

niche positioning specialist Oct 24, 2022

WARNING! Risk of drowning!

in the Sea of Sameness!

Have you ever asked yourself what makes someone choose YOU over another #accountant?

  • Is it how many letters you have after your name?
  • Is it how many offices you have?
  • Is it your good looks?
  • Is it how many accounting standards you have memorised? 

Answer: none of the above 

Thing is, what makes a client choose you over another accountant is what makes you DIFFERENT. The more different you are the more you will attract your tribe. The more ‘samey’ you are to everyone else, the harder the pull to get people to work with you

When you niche down or specialise in working with a select group of people, you differentiate yourself from the crowd. In doing so, you become MORE attractive to those people. Who see you as the EXPERT, the AUTHORITY and willing to pay a PREMIUM to work with you

Because they FEEL that you will understand them better because you deal with people like them. So don’t fret about closing the doors to potential business - you will open bigger, wider doors to your ideal clients. And avoid drowning in that sea of sameness like everyone else…

You want to GO NARROW and GO DEEP (not wide and shallow) 

PS: if you’re struggling to win new clients, I have a 7 step system that I have used to take a new (2nd) accounting firm from £0 - £100k in less than 12m. You can access the summary for free here 😊 🤜  https://go.rezahooda.com/optin1658338936193

Watch the video below to find out more about how you can attract high paying clients