Overwhelmed from wearing too many hats? Read this...

accountant accounting accounting firm focus owner productivity Sep 11, 2020

So when you're an accounting firm owner, you wear many hats.

You're the sales director, you're the marketing director, you're the operations director, you're the HR director, you are the business development director, and so on and so forth. It can be very overwhelming, and difficult to know where to focus your time and energy. You hear something on pricing you attend a webinar, and suddenly your focus is on trying to get your pricing right.

Then you hear something about marketing, and suddenly you think, "Oh, I must do that," and start to work on your marketing. And then you hear someone else talk about people and culture and suddenly you think, "Oh, I must attend to that as well, "and get that sorted in my practice." And then you hear a post about processes and systems, and suddenly you think, "Oh, I need to get that right". It can be so overwhelming, to the point that you don't really know, where to focus your energy, and you're constantly distracted from one area to another, meaning that you don't actually make any substantial and meaningful inroads into progressing your practice, in any meaningful way that you would like.

So one thing that I work with my coaching clients on, is that we put together a plan. We put together a 10-year vision. It's called a vision because it's very difficult to actually put in place a 10-year plan. But off the back of that 10-year vision, as to what we would like life to be in 10 years' time, we then put together a three-year plan and a 12-month plan, 12-month goals, and objectives. Once we've done that, we then chunk that down into quarterly targets, or quarterly rocks.

Now, many management consultants, if you've read the book "Traction" by Gino Wickman, he talks about using this as a strategy, to focus on your priorities. So when you have these quarterly rocks, and I'd recommend you have no more than three quarterly rocks or priorities that you work on, you can then focus on the areas that you need to, which are gonna make the biggest of difference, and give you that biggest impact in that particular quarter.

So everything you do, your monthly actions and your weekly targets, should be based around those quarterly priorities. Then no matter what you read, or see, or hear on any particular webinar or social post, it doesn't distract you away from your quarterly rocks, and priorities. So great way of putting that together, is to work with a coach, or if you're self-disciplined and have the willpower, then put your plan in place yourself, and focus on your quarterly rocks, and see the difference it has, on taking your firm to the next level.