Have your referrals dried up? Try this...

accountant accounting marketing referrals social media Aug 06, 2020

If you're an accountant at the moment, you're probably drowning in work. Heck, you probably don't have much time for marketing. However, you'll probably also find, potentially, that the number of enquirers you're getting has reduced and that's probably because, people aren't interacting socially as much anymore, given the lockdown situation and given that our number one source of new client enquiries is through referral, the referrals are inevitably going to be down.

So what's the second-best way to generate enquiries and win your business? It's through content marketing. Through inbound marketing. Through having a digital presence. Having a digital presence is more important now than ever before. Now is the time to start writing that e-book start creating blog posts.

To start creating video content to reach your target audience because the risk is, if referrals are down, then that's going to mean a reduction in the number of enquiries, which is going to mean a reduction in the number of new clients you take on, which can have an impact in the sustainability of your accounting firm. So start creating those digital assets today.

The digital assets you create today will last forever and it's a great way, of showcasing what you do of showcasing your expertise and your credibility of giving value to your target audience, to attract your ideal clients towards you. So if your a writer, then write blog posts and articles, or e-books. If your a talker, do podcasts. If you can get on video, then do video because they say it takes now over 20 touchpoints for a potential client to get in touch with you to enquire about working with you.

That means that your prospects are checking you out online, your social profile, your website, what content you're creating, your Google reviews, your Facebook pages, before they even decide to pick up the phone to make the enquiry with you, and by the time they do, the majority of their mind has been made up. So put in the legwork now, to get up to that 60% of the buyers' journey, having been done and sold from your digital presence.