Your BIG Opportunity this year digital opportunity positioning Mar 08, 2021

What's the biggest change you've noticed since the pandemic began? 

We're watching a lot more Netflix and Youtube

We're eating a lot more

We like our kids less and less [joke]

But seriously..

we're all using Zoom more 

A year ago, most wouldn't have even heard of it 

Now it's...

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The BIG opportunity to grow your accounting firm covid-19 grow your business opportunity Dec 28, 2020

The last 8 months have been tough for us accountants 

Dealing with all the new legislation, furlough claims, loan applications, having to adapt to remote working & the list goes on.

Winning new business and #marketing your firm was probably not on your priority list 

You've worked...

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The BIG opportunity (how can we make the most of it?) accounting manangement opportunity value Jul 02, 2020

In my last mentoring session, we talked about the big opportunity that we have as accountants over the next few years.

How to seize that opportunity, how to position ourselves to make the most of it, and what resources we can use to communicate the value of this offering. It's all about...

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