The 2nd best way to attract new clients to your accounting firm

accountants accounting content creation marketing social media Jul 31, 2020

I get asked quite often, what is the best way to win new business? To attract new clients to my accounting firm?

Well, the best way is still, by far, referrals and it has been for a number of years. Referral will always be the top way that you will get new business into your accounting firm so make sure that you are delivering excellent service going over and beyond and delivering amazing value to your existing clients so they talk about you and become your raving fans to help you to get new clients.

The second most important way is through content marketing or the marketeers would call, inbound. What that means is that you generate useful, valuable, relevant content for your target audience. Now that could be in the form of blog posts, of articles, of videos, of podcasts, of e-books, generating relevant content will help to put you out there as a credible expert in your field and attract people to working with you.

Now I know it's not easy to get yourself out on video so if you can't brave
yourself to do that yet, then if you're a writer, do blog posts, if you're a talker, do podcasts, write an e-book, create a lead magnet that helps you to give immense value to your audience and in turn, generate a prospect database that will funnel through into new clients for you in the longer term.

You see, content marketing is not gonna work overnight. It requires consistent delivery of content on a regular basis, giving value, an abundance of value to your target audience and if you're playing the long game, then that will deliver a return on investment, that will deliver fruit for you in the long term. So get those seeds planted now, start on a content creation strategy that will help you to really grow your accounting firm in the long term.