Clients are not price sensitive pricing pricing strategy value based pricing May 17, 2021

That's too expensive


You: my clients are so price sensitive 

No they're not!

Most people in society are not price sensitive 

They are VALUE sensitive

If your clients:

  1. buy their coffee from Starbucks
  2. have an iPhone
  3. drive a premium brand car

They CANNOT be price sensitive ...

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Pricing lessons from a $2.9M cup of coffee accounting anchoring pricing strategy Sep 04, 2020

So today i'm going to tell you the story about Stella Liebeck and mcdonald's and how we can learn something about pricing from this 2.9 million dollar cup of coffee. So back in 1994 a lady called Stella Liebeck, drove up to mcdonald's drive-through with her grandson, they bought a cup of...

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