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My Story

In this episode, I spoke about  tmy journey of transforming my practice and my life

If you're struggling to meet ends then you'll want hear this.

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From 50 - 400 clients in less than 12m with Rachel Martin

That’s the journey and story of Rachel Martin and her firm StriveX that she runs with her partner James

Rachel’s had incredible success growing her firm using social media in particular so if you want to know the secret to her growth listen to the podcast.

We’ll be delving into Rachel’s story including how she’s also grown her team from just her and James to a team of 9 people in the last year alone 

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How I tripled my average fees in less than 12m with Bev Flanagan

Want to know how you can significantly increase your fees as a small firm?

Listen to this episode where  I interview Bev Flanagan, Founder of Mind Your Assets accountants - and winner of Yorkshire's Best Accountant award! 

Bev spoke about her journey over the last 12m where she has enjoyed amazing growth, tripling her average fees, winning recurring fees of over £24,000 and adding high value one off project work to her repertoire (not to mention winning some awards along the way!)

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How I scaled from 0 - 2000 clients with Lucy Cohen

Join me for what will be a fascinating discussion with Lucy Cohen  who has grown her firm from 0 to 2000 clients 

Come and hear Jeff's journey and story of how she achieved the growth that she did - the challenges he faced and the opportunities he took to get from where she was to where she is today.

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From £200k to a £2m+ turnover firm with Jeffrey Lermer

Join me for what will be a fascinating discussion with Jeffrey Lermer who has grown his firm from £200k to £2million+!

Hear Jeff's journey and story of how he achieved the growth that he did - the challenges he faced and the opportunities he took to get from where he was to where he is today.

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Timesheets are the wrong measuring tool (and how to replace them)

Listen to this podcast where the legend that is Ron Baker  discussed  the good, the bad and the ugly with timesheets (mostly the bad and ugly!)

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How I grew from £0 - £100k in 12m - Neil Criddle

How Neil got from £0 to over £100,000 in revenue in just 12 months! 🤩

And all that during a global pandemic! 🤯

Listen to my podcast to know what  Neil has done to achieve this amazing growth in the short time he's been running his accounting firm. 😎

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How to set up a 100% remote firm and work from ANYWHERE with Alex Falcon-Huerta

In this podcast Alex falcon Huerta talks about her journey from Bedford (UK) to Bali!

How she has set up her firm with her team and processes so she can be anywhere in the world and the practice can continue to run without a glitch.

Listen to this podcast to hear how Alex is fulfilling her personal dreams by having a practice that works for her now so she can live the life that she wants.

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Building the firm of the future with Dave Sellick

In this session, Dave shares his highly innovative and tech focused approach to running his accounting firm.

Dave also gave his views on where he's focusing his efforts to continuously innovate and remain at the forefront of the tech accounting revolution that's taking place!

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How to build and scale a digital firm with Will Farnell

In this podcast, Will shares his story of building his digital firm over the last decade.

You'll get to hear of the highs and lows and Will's views of where he's focusing his efforts to ensure his digital firm is constantly evolving in our ever changing world.

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How I went from £0 - £200k in 24 months aged 26 with Joshua Tharby

In this podcast I interviewed Joshua Tharby of JSM Partners who has built his practice from nothing to £200k in less than 24 months!

You’ll find out how Joshua has achieved his success and take away some practical tips that you can implement to achieve growth in your firm.

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The Results Only Work Environment with Jody Thomson (Founder of the ROWE and Author or Work Sucks (and how to fix it)

In this episode, Jody Thompson and I spoke about  the ROWE and how you can take steps to implement.

If you're not happy with the culture in your firm, struggling to get your people to do their best, still perhaps keeping timesheets and encouraging presenteeism then you'll want hear this.

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How to deliver business advisory with Joe David

In this podcast Joe from Nephos Accountants spoke about how he delivers business advisory services to his clients and the direction he is taking his practice in.

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How to build a firm that can (almost) run without you with Paul Barnes

In this podcast Paul spoke about his journey setting up his accounting firm - MAP and how he has grown it successfully to over 20 employees and systemised the firm so it can run (almost) without him.

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Importance of your personal brand to grow your accounting firm with Alastair Barlow

In this podcast, Alastair talks about how he has grown his firm and client base through using his personal brand and focusing on his firm's profile.

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How to build accounting firm that can run without you with Carl Reader

In this podcast, I was joined by the Chairman at multi-award winning firm d&t Chartered Accountants, Carl Reader. Carl is widely recognised as a thought leader in the accounting profession and has been recognised as one of the leading voices on social media by ICAEW. And in this episode, we discussed how to build an accounting firm that can run without you

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How to develop an app advisory practice in your accounting firm with Caroline Harridence

There are so many apps out there it's easy to get app overwhelm and not know where to start!

Caroline specialises in advising accountants on delivering app advisory. In this podcast, I asked her how accountants can develop an app advisory service in their firms, where to start and how it can become a profitable service line.

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How to systemise the tax return process and get 98% done by Xmas with Nicola Sorrell

In this session Nicola shared how she has systemised the tax return information collection process to get 98% of her tax returns done by Xmas -meaning that she can use January to further grow her business instead of stressing out about tax returns! 

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How to digitally transform your practice to 100% cloud based with Kieran Phelan

In this session Kieran spoke about how to digitally transform your practice to become 100% cloud based.

If you’re still struggling to convince clients of the how cloud accounting can benefit them, then listen to this podcast and find out how Kieran has successfully done it in his firm.

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How to use LinkedIn to grow your audience and win new business with Karl Roberts

In this session Karl talks about how he has used LinkedIn to grow his practice in the last 12 months. Karl also shares the type of content he has used to help him to grow his audience and generate enquires from ideal clients. 

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How to win business from social media with Jeri Williams

In this session, Jeri revealed how she generates an enormous amount of interest on social media which results in a steady stream of enquiries to her accounting firm - so much so that she has a waiting list

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How to get started with video with Francesca Tricarico

In this session, Francesca talked about her journey when she started her firm less than a year ago and how she grew it incredibly by documenting her journey and consistently posting video content on social media. 

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